Monday, May 9, 2011

mother's day - 2011

mother's day gave me the chance to reflect on being a mom and how much i love my new job.  i wouldn't trade being a mom for anything in the world.

it is truly amazing how one little person can change your life.  this weekend i kept trying to get him to say "ma, ma, ma... or mum"... or anything resembling mom; only to get "da, da, da" in return.

each time JD would chuckle and look down trying not to rub it in on my 1st official Mother's Day.

On my Mother's Day we:
1. had a special b-fast prepared by JD
2. hit up an edible plant sale
3. went to the playground
4. had "real" Italian pizza for lunch
5. then played at home.

it was a good day.  my diet didn't like it much, but boy was that tirimisu good.

Beckett your mommy loves you.

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  1. Happy first Mothers' day! Hope to see your lovely little family soon :)


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