Friday, February 26, 2010

i won - The Handmade Marketplace...

i won, i won.  oh i am so excited.
Sweet Paul was having a giveaway and i won.  
this has really just made my day.

our latest purchase

after living in our little house for the past three years, this president's day i made one of the most exciting house purchases of all time - a DISHWASHER!!!

now i know some of you are rolling your eyes... and saying things like paleezzz... but i am seriously excited about this.  in the list of house hold chores, there is always one chore that you absolutely hate to do.  for me it's cleaning the bathroom and folding socks.  i know that they need to be done but i seriously dislike doing them.  for you maybe it's making the bed, or running the vacuum, or dusting?  for JD doing the dishes is the "thing" he hates to do. this is an ever so inconvenient chore to hate because it is one of the few that need done daily.

for three years we have battled with a sink full of dishes... that is all about to change.  i got the call today that our dishwasher, a bosch, is ready for pick up.  oh... am i excited.  our new stainless appliance is pictured above.  isn't it sleek and modern.  it is supposed to be really quiet too which is important in a house like ours that shares the kitchen with the living space.

so guess what we will be doing this weekend??? yep installing a dishwasher!

i'll let you know how it goes.  have a great weekend.  anyone have any really exciting plans?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

birthday presents

my 31st b-day (in december)
i thought i would share with you the other awesome presents i got for my birthday.  it was hard to compete with the news that a little baby was on the way but JD did a great job.

first of all i got a surprise dinner at Dahlia Lounge, a Tom Douglas restaurant here in seattle.  the food was great and the atmosphere was relaxing and comfortable.  i thoroughly enjoyed my dinner and then was slipped an envelope with tickets inside...

the tickets inside were for the Seattle Symphony!  every year we have lived here in seattle i have wanted to go to the Seattle Symphony Holiday POPs show.  it sells out sooooo fast we have never gotten tickets.  that was before this year... JD got me tickets for the show!  AND, AND... to make it even better this year it was the Seattle Symphony, presents Holiday POPS with Cirque de la Symphonie. 

Yep they had aerialist, jugglers, dancers, and the most amazing strong men.  they all performed while we listened to holiday favorites played by the symphony.  it was amazing! bliss! i had a complete blast.

if a baby, dinner, and the symphony weren't enough, JD got me the sweetest silver bean necklace ever. 
he got me this little baby from Monique Leon Jewelry & Metals on etsy.  isn't it darling?  this necklace is all about new beginnings, good luck, mystery and promise.  he couldn't have picked a better time to give me this little bean huh?

my 31st birthday was a great one... even though it was almost 3 months ago i still wanted to share my day with you. 

hope you all are having a wonderful thursday.  
we even have a bit of sun here this afternoon.  hope the dry weather can hold up for a dog walk tonight.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

2009 yearly round up: November - December

2009 November - December

November - finally fall was in full swing.  i got a chance to share with you my new halloween decorations, our halloween costumes, and we attended a pretty serious pumpkin carving party.  i loved having my parents in town and posted about our wonderful visit and all the two different hikes we took while they were here; one just down the street at lincoln park and the other at Twin Falls.  we continued to work on the house and with a pretty significant push we advanced the mud room; installing flooring, adding cabinets, and filling the much needed storage.  then there was that $900.00 vet weekend... and Bamboo in his little blue collar.

December - i sort of fell off the face of the earth in December.  i started off strong with a lighting update on the house and pictures of our picture rail... then, well, poof.  sorry about that but whoa was there stuff going on.  i was working on a number of christmas presents that i will be able to share with you in the next few weeks and there was my birthday... i didn't even post about my presents.  shame shame.

what really threw us off track was that JD and i found out we are going to be adding another member to our crazy family.  (a BABY... a BABY.... we are going to have a BABY)

we were obviously still trying but i had talked myself out of the possibility that i could be pregnant.  i did that so that when i found out that we weren't, it wouldn't hurt so badly.  then, the first week of december while doing our monthly pee on a stick test the most amazing thing happened.  i wasn't even paying attention... then i looked again.  two lines?  two lines?  wait what does two lines mean?  it can't be real... but it was.

that week we went to the doctors for confirmation and found out, on my birthday that we were going to have a baby, we were going to be parents.  pretty sweet birthday gift huh?  last year i got baker and this year a baby... JD is going to have a pretty hard time competing with that next year!

i fell off the face of the earth because i was trying to get my head around the fact that we were going to have a baby.  that coupled with fear, panic, excitement, and perpetual morning sickness sort of stopped me dead in my tracks.  thankfully though, now at almost 4 months... i am feeling much better.  i will have to share a story or two about my bout with morning sickness, but for now i am happy to share the news with you all that sometime in august we will have a new little bundle of joy to share with the world and that is the best news ever.

Friday, February 19, 2010

2009 yearly round up: September - October

2009 September - October

September we were back from vacation with the family and feeling tan and refreshed.  vacation was great.  we went lady crabbing, ate shrimp on the deck, and even had lots of time for fishing.  this month i really threw myself completely into my new etsy shop chicpeastudio.  i was so excited to put together my first treasury, feature etsy artists that i love, and work on projects (lots of projects) for my own shop.

as our first anniversary approached i felt myself feeling really nostalgic and i wanted to share JD and i's story.  i started with how we "met" in rome and then moved on to our move to seattle.  after the move our family grew quickly with the fur balls and we bought a house.  i sort of abruptly ended the tale after the story of our proposal.  i had planned to show you all of our handmade wedding details and photos and share our first anniversary but somehow the end of the month ran away from me... then it was too late.  now i think i will have to get back to our tale here soon... and share our wedding day.  it was to perfect not to!  let's put that on the agenda for this year!

October i was a bit MIA.  that happened because my parents were visiting from PA at the end of the month and we were in the great push to get our list of projects completed.  the end of the month began the rainy season here in seattle which means i hid inside and begin cooking (apple sauce and dinners)... both to warm the house and welcome in the new cool season.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

2009 yearly round up: July - August

2009 July - August

July was a bit all over the place.  the month started with an amazing camping trip to Kalaloch Beach on the Olympic Peninsula.  if you haven't been the Olympic Peninsula is unlike any other place in the world and i highly recommend it.  i don't know if i would recommend camping with 7 dogs but it is an amazing place.

my obsession with So You Think You Can Dance began and i got homemade strawberry and raspberry jam made.  JD and i bumped up our curb appeal with a new front door which we had been moving around our house since February.  Seattle saw record high temperatures of over 100 degrees... and we didn't even have a fan! (can you say melting)  this year i will be buying fans as soon as they hit shelves... i've learned my lesson.

July also brought with it the hope of a pregnancy.  for months i had been waiting to feel tired, or sick anything that would remotely indicate i was pregnant.  then it happened... the day that i was to start my next cycle came and went, and the next day, and the next... before i knew it a whole week had gone by.  to say the very least JD and i were over the moon.  after months of waiting we decided to wait another week to head to the doctors for the verification.  as the appointment got closer and closer we got more and more excited, that was until i woke up bleeding.  something had gone wrong during the 5th week and my body decided that this wasn't the time.  we weren't yet going to have a baby.

it's hard to explain how devastating it is to loose a pregnancy.  JD and i were crushed.  he stood strong and basically carried me though the next few weeks even though, i know, he was as disappointed as i was.  it is an emotionally draining time because how do share your loss with others?  how do you let them know what has happened?  i felt like this was something that wasn't talked about even though talking could help heal the wounds.  so slowly i began to tell my friends.  i first shared our loss with a friend of ours that went through the same thing and then my sister.  with each person who learned of our loss i felt a bit better.

i tired to write this blog post a hundred times so that if you knew someone out there who had gone through the same thing could read it... maybe it would help them too.  but i didn't have enough distance from it to be strong enough to hit the publish button.  slowly, very slowly JD and i started making our way through it.    during one post about backyard party we had last August, i made the conscious decision to try and move on.

there were tons of other hard times in the upcoming months that hit me unexpectedly... finding out one of my friends and my sister were expecting, a friend's baby shower, the christening of another friend's child all brought with them mixed emotions.  but JD and i pushed through and he held my hand and let me cry on his shoulder when needed.

August - what can i say after that.  we had a lot on our minds but kept ourselves busy too.  we thought for a very brief moment that Baker might get to try freedom from his crate while we were at work.  that was a short lived experiment one with very costly repercussions.  i finally posted about our bedroom redo and shared my new above the bed photo college.  then we went to the beach with my family and oh... yeah the whole blog redo but i will save that for September.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2009 yearly round up: May - June

2009 May - June:

May was another blockbuster of a month.  looking back, i really don't know when we slept.  we were all over the place doing all kinds of stuff.  we officially started our gardening with the seattle tilth plant sale and had one weekend with 6 animals here all at once in our little 900 sf house.  we continued our work on the kitchen and i even had the time to finish a quilt for our nephew's first birthday.  JD also celebrated his birthday in May with a fiasco and some great handmade presents.  in the midst of all of this we found the time to go sailing one evening and little Baker had to undergo his big boy snip surgery.
reading about last May makes me tired... seriously.  now i am thinking about what we got done this month... not so impressive.

June began the push to wrap up some finishing elements of the house... all that little stuff that really matters like painting floor grills, organizing the cabinets, and installing long awaited shelving.  a lot happened this month to make this house, our house, really feel like home.  JD's welding project found a spot in front of the house and helped some little peas climb to the sunshine.

one thing i didn't include in my posting for April, May, or June of last year was that JD and i had decided to try and have a baby.  this was a decision that we didn't move into lightly and i decided not to post about it because there are some things that are just too personal to share as your going through them.   i really didn't think trying to have a baby would be so emotionally draining.  before we started trying i thought, if it didn't work out one month there would always be another month.  however true, i really under estimated the roller coaster of emotions.  those emotions sometimes played out in post last year, like this one,  or this one from June with little to no explanation.  since i am taking the time to recap the year i thought i would share with you the ups and downs that were hidden just below the surface.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2009 yearly round up: March - April

2009 March - April:

Kauai in the morning from our balcony.
March was a wonderous month.  i really think it was my favorite out of the whole year....  there was tons going on and lots of new beginnings.  the month started with us planting trays of new seeds which would hopefully one day become a garden.  during the early part of the month as the construction and planning kept moving forward inside, we took time to go for walks with the pups and stretch our legs.  we raced to finish the hallway before heading off to Kauai for our delayed 10 day honeymoon trip.  while we were away you were in great hands with the ravenna girls who did tons of cooking including pizza and zuni chicken and tons of crafts as well.  our trip to Kauai was the best trip of my life (and that is saying something...).  the trip was relaxing.  there was sun, a huge pool, cocktails, and some of the most gorgeous places i have ever seen.  i so badly want to go back there.  if someone offered me a trip today, i would pack my bags this very second and go.  ahhhh if only we could honeymoon every year.

Our kitchen before the remodel.
April brought us reluctantly back to reality and the shocking reality of a house mid-remodel.  no matter what is going on in April i can't help but want to be out in the yard.  because we were stuck inside committed to the kitchen remodel we dreamed of changes we would make to the yard like new lighting and bird feeders and how to do our part in honor of earth day.  there was plenty to dream about on the inside too... we picked out new kitchen faucet and ceasar stone counter tops.  and just when we thought things couldn't get messier, we demolished the kitchen.

it is amazing to me that we started this house / kitchen remodel a year ago and it still isn't complete.  thankfully we are getting close.

Monday, February 15, 2010

2009 yearly round up: Jan - Feb


2009 Jan - Feb:
i thought i would go back and review last year and all it's ups and downs over the next week or so.  in the mean time i have been going back and trying to reinsert all the photos that we lost as part of the new look and upgrade.  i had really planned to have these all taken care of shortly after the mitigation but like many projects in my life the photos somehow fell by the way side.  in a way the process of rebuilding the blog has made me go back and really read each post and remember a lot of the details i might have forgotten, but back to the topic at hand.

January of last year was all about a new little white puppy that came to be part of our family and planning and dreaming about the months ahead.  Bake came to live with us on New Years Day.  Baker was my 30th birthday present from my sweet JD.  boy has he become an integral part of our family.  i posted puppy updates and we planned for warmer months ahead.  there is something about the rainy January of the NW that makes me long for the garden, sunshine, and change and last January was no exception.  we made garden plans, ordered seeds, booked our postponed honeymoon to Kauai, and made big decisions about the fate of our stalled remodel.

February was all about doing... the month started off with a bang for me as the Steelers became 6th time super-bowl champs.  i was on a high and that rolled into the remodeling process.  with a plan in mind we started in the hall way with demo; removing trim, doors, and flooring.  then we moved onto ducts, ceiling, and eventually a bearing wall.  the major remodel payoff was when the new beams were in place and we could see the shape and layout of our house changing.  it took an entire month but by the end of February we were finally putting the hallway back together and lights were being installed. 

it was really amazing to look back at all the change that happened only one year ago... wonder what i'll be doing next year at this time?  

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a new year, some new shoes

this year, after christmas, i needed to buy some essentials.  priority number #1 new shoes that i can wear on a daily basis.

i have quite the high heel collection but i only wear them to go out, not to go to work.  the work horse of my shoe collection has been a pair of trusty campers that i bought when i lived in rome.  seriously these shoes are the best shoes i have ever owned.  and six years later i am still wearing them.  i originally started with 3 pairs of campers when living in rome and walking everywhere.  i needed shoes that were going to be comfortable after an entire day of walking and would be fashionable as well. 
two of the pairs met their demise when Rainier decided they would be a tasty leather snack.  i have to tell you that i cried when i found my black pair of lace ups.  i was devastated.  those shoes were like a good friend and over the many walks we had taken they had molded so perfectly to my foot that i was heart broken.

now over a year later i am over it...and ready to move on to a new pair.  thus the hunt for new shoes begins.  (don't misunderstand, it isn't like i only have one pair of shoes - that would be FAR from the truth.)  i was now on the hunt for some new shoes to become the staple of my collection.

after quite a bit of hunting i stumbled onto this cute little, mary jane like pair of tsubos
i fell in love with them immediately.  they are super comfy and the asymmetrical strap makes them a bit more interesting then just a regular pair of black mary janes. i have now worn them twice and i am still convinced these little babies are a permanent part of my shoe repertoire.  now the hunt continues for a pair of black lace up leather shoes.  i am going to start with campers cause i know that they will last me quite a long time. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

new rugs...

i have been on the hunt for an area rug for the longest time.
the hunt has taken me FOREVER and for many reasons.
1.  area rugs are expensive and i wanted to make sure i found a rug i loved
2.  i'm not a fan of pattern.  i don't know why i shy away from pattern... but in looking for an area rug i wanted something that i was going to love this year and in five years when my taste changed. 
3.  in lieu of pattern i wanted texture and something that would feel good under my feet and something i would want to lay on.

until last week i couldn't find a rug i liked that was less than a grand, and who wants to pay that for a rug.  then last week while getting my daily blog fix reading remodelista i saw a post about the sweater rug and a sale west elm was running on them.  i was sold... 15 minutes later i had ordered an 8' x 10' rug for our living area and a 2' x 7' runner for in front of the sink. 

the 8 x 10 was delivered last week and the runner got here last night... i will have pictures soon, but in the words of "the dude" the rug really pulls the room together.

Monday, February 8, 2010

fur ball friday - the cat and the keyboard

yeah, i'm not completely crazy.  
i know it's monday, however i want to talk about friday morning.  you see friday morning we awoke to a hacking cat (bamboo) and the eventual sound of kitty vomit.  JD did a quick sweep of the house at 5 a.m. to see if he could find it and then returned to bed.  at 6.30 when the rest of the house awoke i got my cup of tea and headed over to the computer to check email when i found the pile of regurgitated kitty food on the keyboard of our mac.

crap... so i clean up the keyboard, disinfected it and went on with checking my email.  everything worked fine.  if you have been reading this blog for a while you will know that a little kitty puke doesn't slow us down.  bamboo has had a sensitive stomach since he was a little kitty and even though we have special food for him... this happens on a regular basis.

friday night JD sat down for his internet surfing time, after i went to bed, only to find that the left side of the keyboard didn't work.  he tried restarting and cleaning the keyboard but, no luck the keyboard was fried.  JD was ticked to say the least.  this is the second keyboard we have lost to the cats... (Ginkgo peed on the first one).  so i am off to the mac store today at lunch or tonight to get yet another keyboard.  

i had so many computer related items to take care of this weekend that didn't happen... so this week i will work on blogs and my taxes and hopefully the kitties will stay away from the new keyboard.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

the weekend

well that weekend flew by in a blur. 
i had such aspirations.... ahh and then they slowly went down the tube. 
remember the kitchen?  well JD and i went two weekends ago to purchase the wood trim for the window and the wood for the kitchen shelving.  since then, the wood has been in a pile in the basement waiting to get finished.  this weekend was to be the finishing weekend. (warning:  no wood was finished.)

instead, i did a much needed bit of shopping for essentials; jeans, spring jacket, and flashy necklaces.  the when we got home we were too tired to work on the wood so we watched "sunshine cleaning".  (such a cute movie, i would highly recommend it.)

sunday we awoke with renewed aspirations only to find that the dogs were not in line with our work plan and seriously needed some outdoor time.  so JD, Rainier, Baker, and i headed to the dog park (along with the rest of seattle) for some puppy play time.  i kid you not, there was at least one of every breed of dog at the park.  i guess everyone figured a morning without rain was the perfect time to get out.  even though there was no rain there was plenty of mud and post park time was filled with puppy baths and lunch with friends. 

before we knew it we did our weekly shopping and settled in for some fun with the Grammy awards. 

no work was done but it was a good weekend.  maybe this weekend we will get to some of that wood?