Thursday, May 20, 2010

camping the dungeness spit

a few weekends ago we went camping.  
(man how time flies these days)

we went with some friends out to the Dugeness Spit for a little camping fun.  we were prepared for the evening chill, (it being the first weekend in May and all) however what we hadn't counted on was the wind.... and boy oh boy, was it windy.

JD and i were in charge of Saturday night's dinner.  we wanted something simple yet yummy for our fire roasted feast.  so we went with kabobs!

the veggie ones ( green and orange peppers, yellow and red cherry tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms)

and the meat ones (chicken and steak)

the meat was marinated overnight and throughout the next day in the cooler.

while i was working on the kabobs JD was making home made fire starters.

to make the fire starters he had been collecting used egg cartons, dryer lint, and sawdust.  (yes somewhere in the house we had a can or a bag of saw dust just waiting for this occasion)  he filled the egg cups with lint and saw dust and then poured melted paraffin wax over the lint and wax.  once the wax set up he cut them into individual fire starters - brilliant.

the Dugeness Spit is about an hour and a half drive from Seattle, not including the 30 minute ferry ride.  we got there before lunch and set up camp.

our friends had arrived the night before and set up their tent mansion you can see on the left.  we have the little 2 man tent on the right.  we discovered during this trip that is would probably be our last in the two man tent.  JD and I, plus Rainier and Baker and a baby belly made for some cramped space.  next year with the little man and his gear we are just going to need more space.

after setting up camp we decided to go for a little walk, which somewhere along the way became a 3 mile hike.

thankfully the sun was warm and we had some fantastic views.

we even got to see some animal life that day including a coyote, heard of elk, a crazy large ant hill, a big brown salamander, and a bald eagle.

that evening we sat around the camp fire as close as possible to ward off the chill of the wind... and ate dinner and smores... yum.

sometime during the night the wind subsided and we all were happy to be a cramped little warm family in our tent.  i will seriously miss that little tent and all the fun outings JD and i have had in it over the years.  when we made the move out here that tent was our home for over a month... but now our little family has out grown it's convenient size and i guess it is time to move to a larger model.

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