Tuesday, December 22, 2009

holiday vaca.

since i have been oh so bad about blogging this month i have decided to throw in the towel. 
i will be back (hopefully refreshed) in the new year with tons of fun and exciting new stuff to share.  have a wonderful holiday everyone and a bright new year!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

where does the time go?

wow it has been a week since my last post... how is that possible?
last week was so jammed packed i hardly had time to breath.
1.  last friday was my birthday... (we won't discuss numbers)
2.  JD took me for dinner at Dahlia Lounge where the owner and great chef Tom Douglas was milling about visiting with guests.
3.  After dinner we went to the Seattle Symphony where we saw the Holiday Pops with Cirque de la Symphonie.  it was amazing... a truly wonderful birthday.
4.  Friday was more eating out.  We had authentic Italian at La Rustica, which reminded me of our living in rome.
5.  Sat was chalk full of shopping, birthday lunch, and  holiday party.
6.  Sunday was more eating with a holiday brunch and more shopping with friends.

i'm tired from even thinking about it. the next week is going to be spotty again with blogging.  i have so many projects that need to go out the door before the holiday really kicks off.  so i apologize, but i bet you're all too busy to read too!

(great little vintage clock via bright wall vintage)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

i so want this...

check out this megadoily by Ladies and Gentlemen that i spotted on design*sponge.
i so, so LOVE it.

it would be perfect in our house.  it makes me nervous that there isn't a price listed, but if you have an itch to send me a rather thoughtful gift i would like one of these. (remember my birthday is on friday!)  ha.

oh how time flys

(a holiday tree decorated with glittered pine cones i made last weekend)

where did the weekend go?

seriously one minute your planning all that free time you have and the next, poof, it is monday morning.  as i am sitting here i am slowly dissecting our weekend. 
thursday night was JD's holiday party. 
friday the pups and i went to the dog park, i got my hair done, then we went to dinner with friends.
saturday was house work, getting the tree, sewing and a nap (cause i was sleepy)
sunday i went to a baby shower (i will share my gifts soon), decorated the tree, then did more sewing.

it was a whirl wind weekend. 

i haven't even begun my shopping for the holidays.  i am having a hard time getting into the spirit.  i need to calm my mind and just slow down a bit... sometimes at this time of year i get stuck on overdrive and don't take time to breath.  today i think i will try breathing. 

what have you guys been up to?  running about i'm sure.

Friday, December 4, 2009

a christmas dessert

this was my plate tuesday night.
this is where i was.  (click to read more and see the table scapes)
thanks ravenna girls for the invite it was a lovely evening.

fur ball friday - baker's sweet face.

it is truly hard to resist a face this cute.  in fact, as i type this he is sitting at my side staring at me just like this... creepy.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

picture page, a picture page

finally we've had the opportunity to start taking on some of our envisioned finish projects.  even though we still have some major renovation work to do in the mud room and bath we have started to put a few of the finishing touches together in the living area and it makes such a difference.

a while back, while perusing a design magazine, i came upon a entire wall filled with picture rails.  the rails were white with all black framed photos.  i loved it.  i wanted to interpret that look but for our aesthetic.  we used the shelving we designed for the kitchen (i showed you it here) as our inspiration.

we wanted to join rough cut steel with fir again for a similar yet new look.  each of these picture rails weighed like 50 lbs.  no joke.  ok.. maybe 30 but they were quite heavy.  we made sure they were anchored into studs to support the weight.

sorry for the night time pictures but sometimes that is when the most work gets done!  we bought offset steel angles so that they would be wider to allow for the photos to be placed on the rails.

here you can see the finished look.  i am not yet sure of the types of frames i have on the rails.  i think i will need to simplify the the material palette to pull it together a bit more.  i love having my pictures up again.  i missed seeing them during the renovation.  i have tons of photos, which JD would attest to, and still have more to hang once we finish the remodeling of the fireplace wall in the living room!  yippie...

another project down.. 1 zillion more to go!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

let there be new lights

over the past couple of weeks we have been working on replacing all the lighting in the house.  we looked for lights FOREVER and finally decided and moved on them all at once.

i must say it is looking a lot brighter in the house with all the new fixtures.

first we started with mudroom/studio and the two bedrooms.  we have pretty low ceiling heights so we couldn't use pendants in the rooms.  we wanted a fixture that would attach directly to the ceiling and be clean and modern.  for the 3 rooms we selected the Kulla light from Ikea.

the Kulla works out perfectly.  it has a bit of relief from the ceiling which allows for light to be cast up and down in each room.

mudroom / studio -  i know it doesn't look much like a studio yet but it is getting there... one step at a time.

guest bedroom - which is in the process of a bit of make over in that we ordered additional black on black fir tree wall paper for the one wall.  isn't the halo it casts nice?

 (boo relaxing in the make shift cat hospital)

master bedroom - (if you could call it that) with the new fixture.  it is amazing how much these fixtures transformed the feel of each room and the house.

(sorry for the dark photos - we don't get much light here in the winter!)

we also added additional fixtures in the kitchen, over the island, and in the dining area, over the table to create "spaces" within the space.  because our living area is one larger area we used the drop in the pendent fixtures to create intimate areas for interaction in the larger living space.

 for the living areas we purchased fixtures from Resolute which is a small lighting manufacture here in seattle.

kitchen island lighting - the lights over the island are clear, hand blown glass.

i LOVE them.  each of the pendant is made of a clear, thick glass filled with tiny bubbles.  we are going to switch out the bulbs with edison bulbs but haven't yet gotten the chance.

dinning area - over the table we dropped an Anon Incalmo Pendant, also from Resolute.  this pendant is also made of three pieces of glass, 2 clear and one yellow that were fused together during the fixtures creation.



i am also in love with this fixture.  the POP of yellow, in an other wise white and wood room is great. i just love the way the new fixtures look in the house.  they have done a lot to bring our vision together, which sometimes during the remodeling process can seem so far away.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

holiday rush

man oh man... i just don't know where the days are going.  at this rate it is going to be the new year before you know it.  thanksgiving vacation went quickly didn't it.

i have been filling my hours with projects.  projects that aren't so easy to talk about here because they are christmas gifts and i don't want to spoil the surprise, but i have become one with my sewing machine as of late.  if i didn't appreciate her before, i sure do now.  i can't wait to share all the exciting projects i have been working on after the holidays.

this weekend we visited my brother-in-law and one day sister-in-law for a work party at their house.  there were lots of little tasks we helped them with from installing dimmer switches to fixing some existing fixtures around the house.  in exchange Rainier and Baker will be spending their holiday vacation with S&B.  isn't the barter system wonderful? 

tonight i am headed to a holiday meal with a bunch of amazing women... tomorrow back to sewing.  the next couple of weeks are my favorite of the year... this weekend christmas will explode in my house.  i can't wait.